Semi-Automated Handling Apparatus

CIE is working with the company Alspec Aluminium Systems Specialists (Alspec) to develop a remotely controlled handling machine that will help eliminate manual handling operations of long and heavy extrusions. The process currently involves manual carrying and turning of the extrusions from a horizontal to vertical position, so that they can be stored in a vertical position in the designated racks.

The proposed semi-automated equipment is designed to carry out the aforementioned operations, with the help of a mobile trolley fitted on a modified electric self-propelled scissor lift, powered by a chargeable battery.The proposed device consists of an electric self-propelled scissor lift, fully modified and redesigned with a custom-made cradle, where extrusion bundles will be loaded horizontally with the use of a forklift. The extrusion laden trolley is then transferred by the help of a driver to the racks, where the extrusions are unloaded and stored in storage aisles. The cradle is pivoted closer to one end, so that it is tilted to a vertical position as the lift rises.The cradle is tilted almost vertical, and is positioned in front of the rack so that it can be emptied easily.

Dr. Pejman Sharafi

Lecturer in Structures
Associate HDR Director

Research interests include: structural optimisation, advanced structural systems, modular buildings, prefabricated construction systems, cost optimisation of structures, sustainable structures, computer aided design and parametric design.