Termite And Fungi Test Of Hevea Lvl Boards

Hevea Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) has been impregnated with polymeric resin for application in construction as an alternative to using toxic chemically treated timber products classified as Hazard Code 4 (H4). Due the fact that this product is not treated with toxic chemicals it is environmental friendly. It also has superior qualities that could make this innovative product one of the best options available.

Hevea LVL is required to pass the testing regimes in the AS 1604 standard.  One of tests was to determine the effects noted in the German “Basidiomycetes” fungi test, and the Indonesian “Coptotermes spp" termite test, in order to verify if the Hevea LVL boards would be suitable to withstand the in-ground equivalent H4 as CCA treated timber, but without the toxic chemical. Because the top layer coating is susceptible to aesthetically degrading mould, fungus resistant required to be tested.

Doctor Babak Abtahi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests include: New polymer formulations for soil stabilization/remediation and dust suppression, nanocomposites, bio-mimicking and bio-inspired, sustainable designs and formulations.