2017 Publications

Centre for Infrastructure Engineering Publications


Adopting ‘lift-up’ building design to improve the surrounding pedestrian-level wind environment

Building and Environment
Vol. 117, pp. 154-165

Tse, Kam-Tim; Zhang, Xuelin; Weerasuriya, Asiri U.; Li, unwei; 
Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Mak, Cheuk M.; Niu, Jianlei
DEM simulation of binary sphere packing densification under vertical vibration Particulate Science and Technology An, Xizhong; Huang, Fei; Dong, Kejun; Yang, Xiaohong
Sopite syndrome in wind-excited buildings : productivity and wellbeing impacts

Building Research & Information
Vol. 45, Issue 3, pp. 347-358

Lamb, Steven; Kwok, Kenny C. S.
Tests on the steel-concrete bond strength in steel reinforced concrete (SRC) columns after fire exposure Fire Technology
Vol. 53, Issue 2, pp. 917-945
Wang, Weihua; Han, Lin-Hai; Tan, Qing-Hua; Tao, Zhong
Coupled and uncoupled seepage-stress analysis of roller compacted concrete dams

ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
Vol. 23, Issue 1, pp. 92-101

Khanzaei, Parveen; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei
Discrete particle simulation of particle flow and separation on a vibrating screen : effect of aperture shape

Powder Technology
Vol. 314, pp.195-202

Dong, Kejun; Esfandiary, Amir H.; Yu, Aibing
The effect of nonlinear elasticity on the large amplitude free vibration behavior of elastic plates at small scale

Microsystem Technologies
Vol. 23, Issue 7, pp. 2561-2568

Zeng, S.; Wang, Baolin
Optimization of wind tower cooling performance : a wind tunnel study of indoor air movement and thermal comfort Procedia Engineering
Vol. 180, pp. 611-620
Sadeghi, Mahsan; De Dear, Richard J.; Samali, Bijan; Wood, Graeme S.
Shake table test for the collapse investigation of a typical multi-story reinforced concrete frame structure in the meizoseismal area Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 6, No. 593
Xu, Weixiao; Yang, Weisong; Zhang, Chunwei; Yu, Dehu
Strength correlation and prediction of engineered cementitious composites with microwave properties Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 1, No. 35
Chung, Kwok L.; Luo, Jianlin; Yuan, Lei; Zhang, Chunwei; Qu, Chengping
Broadband artistic antenna array composed of circularly-polarized Wang-shaped patch elements International Journal of Electronics and Communications
Vol. 74, pp. 116-122
Chung, Kwok L.; Li, Yangsheng; Zhang, Chunwei
Pushover analysis on infill effects on the failure pattern of reinforced concrete frames Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 4, No. 428
Ning, Ning; Yu, Dehu; Zhang, Chunwei; Jiang, Shan
Numerical analysis and optimization on piezoelectric properties of 0-3 type piezoelectric cement-based materials with interdigitated electrodes   Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 3, No. 233
Luo, Jianlin; You, Chenglin; Zhang, Shuai; Chung, Kwok L.; Li, Qiuyi; Hou, Dongshuai; Zhang, Chunwei
Polarization-rotated waveguide antennas for base-station applications IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
Vol. 16, pp. 1545-1548
Zhu, Hailiang; Chung, Kwok L.; Ding, Can; Wei, Gao; Zhang, Chunwei; Guo, Y. Jay
Piezoresistive properties of cement composites reinforced by functionalized carbon nanotubes using photo-assisted Fenton Smart Materials and Structures
Vol. 26, Issue 3, No. 035025
Luo, Jianlin; Chung, Kwok L.; Li, Qiuyi; Chen, Shunjian; Li, Lu; Hou, Dongshuai; Zhang, Chunwei
Dielectric characterization of Chinese standard concrete for compressive strength evaluation Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 2, No. 177
Chung, Kwok L.; Yuan, Lei; Ji, Songtao; Sun, Li; Qu, Chengping; Zhang, Chunwei
Form finding for rectilinear orthogonal buildings through charged system search algorithm International Journal of Optimization in Civil Engineering
Vol. 7, Issue 1, pp. 129-142
Sharafi, Pezhman; Askarian, Mahya; Uz, Mehmet E.; Abaci, H.
[In Press] Flexible foundation effect on seismic analysis of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dams using finite element method KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering
Vol. 22, Issue 4, pp. 1275-1287
Ghaedi, Khaled; Hejazi, Farzad; Ibrahim, Zainah; Khanzaei, Parveen
Thin walled steel sections' free shape optimization using charged system search algorithm International Journal of Optimization in Civil Engineering
Vol. 7, Issue 4, pp. 515-526
Sharafi, Pezhman; Mortazavi, Mina; Askarian, Mahya; Uz, Mehmet E.; Zhang, Chunwei; Zhang, Jigang
Distribution profiles of the air’s alkaline fine particles during dry shotcrete in road tunnel construction International Journal of Current Engineering Sciences
Vol. 6, Issue 2, pp. 72-78
Nemati, Saeed; Sharafi, Pezhman; Mortazavi, Mina; Bani Ardalan, Reza; Joshaghani, Alireza; Khakpour, S.
Phosphorous doped graphitic-C3N4 hierarchical architecture for hydrogen production from water under visible light Materials Today Energy
Vol. 5, pp. 91-98
Zhang, Linfei; Zhang, Yi; Shi, Run; Bao, Shuhan; Wang, Jingwei; Amini, Abbas; Chandrashekar, Bananakere N.; Cheng, Chun
Experimental behaviour of high-strength thin-walled concrete filled steel tubular stub columns ce/papers
Vol. 1, Issue 2-3, pp. 1976-1985
Lume, Gavin; Rasmussen, Kim J. R.; Tao, Zhong; Han, Lin-Hai
Seismic control performance for pounding tuned massed damper based on viscoelastic pounding force analytical method Journal of Sound and Vibration
Vol. 411, pp. 362-377
Xue, Qichao; Zhang, Jingcai; He, Jian; Zhang, Chunwei; Zou, Guangping
Improved radiation characteristics of small antipodal Vivaldi antenna for microwave and millimeter wave imaging applications IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
Vol. 16, No. 7891602, pp. 1961-1964
Moosazadeh, Mahdi; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Case, Joseph T.; Samali, Bijan
Cost-effective multi-objective optimal positioning of magnetorheological dampers and active actuators in large nonlinear Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures
Vol. 28, Issue 2, pp. 230-253
Askari, Mohsen; Li, Jianchun; Samali, Bijan
Enhanced mechanical and thermal properties of anisotropic fibrous porous mullite-zirconia composites produced using sol-gel impregnation Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Vol. 699, pp. 511-516
Zhang, Rubing; Hou, Xianbo; Ye, Changshou; Wang, Baolin
Surface energy and thermal stress effect on nonlinear vibration of electrostatically actuated circular micro-/nanoplates based on modified couple stress theory Acta Mechanica
Vol. 228, Issue 1, pp. 129-140
Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Zhang, Chunwei
Evaluation of mechanical properties of recycled material for utilization in asphalt mixtures Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 8, No. 763
Tahmoorian, Farzaneh; Samali, Bijan; Tam, Vivian W.Y.; Yeaman, John
Evaluation of energy requirement and greenhouse gas emission of concrete heavy-duty pavements incorporating high volume of industrial by-products Journal of Cleaner Production
Vol. 166, pp. 1507-1520
Jamshidi, Ali; Kurumisawa, Kiyofumi; Nawa, Toyoharu; Samali, Bijan; Igarashi, Toshifumi
Evaluation of pedestrian wind comfort near ‘lift-up’ buildings with different aspect ratios and central core modifications Building and Environment
Vol. 124, pp. 245-257
Zhang, Xuelin; Tse, Kam-Tim; Weerasuriya, Asiri U.; Li, Sunwei; Kwok, Kenny C.S.; Mak, Cheuk M.; Niu, Jianlei; Lin, Zhang
Static behavior of steel tubular structures considering local joint flexibility Steel and Composite Structures
Vol. 24, Issue 4, pp. 425-439
Wang, Yamin; Shao, Yongbo; Cao, Yifang
Finite element instability analysis of the steel joist of continuous composite beams with flexible shear connectors Journal of Solid Mechanics
Vol. 9, Issue 2, pp. 351-369
Bakhshi, Hossein; Ronagh, Hamid R.
On-site evaluation of pedestrian-level air quality at a U-type street canyon in an ancient city Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 168, pp. 322-333
Cui, Dongjin; Mak, Cheuk M.; Ai, Zhengtao; Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Meng, Xiangzhao; Niu, Jianlei
Understanding the separation of particles in a hydrocyclone by force analysis Powder Technology
Vol. 322, pp. 471-489
Zhang, Yumeng; Cai, Pu; Jiang, Feihua; Dong, Kejun; Jiang, Yunchao; Wang, Bo
Optimum spanning for rectangular floor systems – part 1 : a unified combinatorial approach Australian Journal of Civil Engineering
Vol. 14, Issue 2, pp. 97-105
Sharafi, Pezhman; Rashidi, Maria
A case study on the assessment of response modification coefficient and earthquake-induced collapse potential of a high-rise setback tower Structure and Infrastructure Engineering
Vol. 13, Issue 9, pp. 1212-1229
Kildashti, Kamyar; Mirghaderi, Rasoul
A combined experimental and DEM approach to determine the breakage of particles in an impact mill Powder Technology
Vol. 318, pp. 543-548
Ghasemi Ardi, E.; Dong, Kejun; Yu, Aibing; Yang, Runyu
A general solution of the drag force in packed beds of multi-sized particles under creeping fluid flow conditions Powder Technology
Vol. 315, pp. 87-97
Rong, Liangwan; Dong, Kejun; Yu, Aibing
Air pollutant dispersion around high-rise buildings under different angles of wind incidence Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 167, pp. 51-61
Yu, Ye; Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Liu, Xiaoping; Zhang, Yu
Antipodal Vivaldi antenna with improved radiation characteristics for civil engineering applications IET Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation
Vol. 11, Issue 6, pp. 796-803
Moosazadeh, Mahdi; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Case, Joseph T.; Samali, Bijan
Behaviour and design of short high-strength steel welded box and concrete-filled tube (CFT) sections Engineering Structures
Vol. 147, pp. 458-472
Khan, Mahbub; Uy, Brian; Tao, Zhong; Mashiri, Fidelis R.
Behaviour of bolted end-plate connections to concrete-filled steel columns Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Vol. 134, pp. 194-208
Tao, Zhong; Li, Wei; Shi, Bolin; Han, Lin-Hai
Changes in mechanical properties of GFRP composite after exposure to warm seawater Journal of Composite Materials
Vol. 51, Issue 19, pp. 2733-2742
Ronagh, Hamid R.; Saeed, Nariman
Computer-aided analysis of flow in water pipe networks after a seismic event Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Vol. 2017, No. 2017046
Kang, Won-Hee; Lee, Young-Joo; Zhang, Chunwei
Concentrically loaded slender square hollow and composite columns incorporating high strength properties Engineering Structures
Vol. 131, pp. 69-89
Khan, Mahbub; Uy, Brian; Tao, Zhong; Mashiri, Fidelis R.
Connection stiffness identification of historic timber buildings using temperature-based sensitivity analysis Engineering Structures
Vol. 131, pp. 180-191
Lyu, Mengning; Zhu, Xinqun; Yang, Qingshan
Coupling effects of inertia and dual-phase-lag heat conduction on thermal shock fracture of a cracked piezoelectric layer Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Vol. 197, pp. 278-293
Guo, Songlin; Wang, Baolin; Nan, Haishun
Cyclic behaviour of composite joints with reduced beam sections Engineering Structures
Vol. 136, pp. 329-344
Li, Rui; Samali, Bijan; Tao, Zhong; Hassan, Md. Kamrul
Decision making on the optimised choice of pneumatic formwork textile for foam-filled structural composite panels

International Journal of GEOMATE
Vol. 13, Issue 39, pp. 220-228

Nemati, Saeed; Rashidi, Maria; Samali, Bijan
Detection and monitoring of flexural cracks in reinforced concrete beams using mounted smart aggregate transducers Smart Materials and Structures
Vol. 26, Issue 10, No. 104009
Taghavipour, Saber; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Kang, Won-Hee; Samali, Bijan; Mirza, Olivia
Detection and monitoring of gap in concrete-based composite structures using microwave dual waveguide sensor IEEE Sensors Journal
Vol. 17, Issue 4, pp. 986-993
Islam, Md. Ashraful; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.
Dynamic behaviour of steel-concrete composite beams retrofitted with various bolted shear connectors Engineering Structures
Vol. 131, pp. 115-135
Henderson, Ian; Zhu, Xinqun; Uy, Brian; Mirza, Olivia
Dynamic simulation of unrestrained interlocking Tuned Liquid Damper blocks Construction and Building Materials
Vol. 144, pp. 586-597
Ong, Pengpheng; Adnan, Azlan B.; Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Ma, Chaukhun; Tiong, Patrick L.; Pesaran Behbahani, Hamid
Effect of cracking on the thermoelectric conversion efficiency of thermoelectric materials Journal of Applied Physics
Vol. 121, Issue 4, No. 045105
Zhang, Aibing; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Ji; Du, Jianke; Xie, Chao
Effect of inverted-V bracing on retrofitting against progressive collapse of steel moment resisting frames International Journal of Steel Structures
Vol. 17, Issue 3, pp. 1103-1113
Hashemi Rezvani, Farshad; Taghizadeh, Mohammad A.; Ronagh, Hamid R.
Effects of lift-up design on pedestrian level wind comfort in different building configurations under three wind directions Building and Environment
Vol. 117, pp. 84-99
Du, Yaxing; Mak, Cheuk M.; Liu, Jianlin; Xia, Qian; Niu, Jianlei; Kwok, Kenny C. S.
Effects of surface energy on the nonlinear behaviors of laminated nanobeams International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing: Green Technology
Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 105-111
Xu, Menghua; Wang, Baolin; Yu, Aibing
Effects of twisted wind flows on wind conditions in passages between buildings Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 167, pp. 87-100
Tse, Kam-Tim; Weerasuriya, Asiri U.; Zhang, Xuelin; Li, Sunwei; Kwok, Kenny C. S.
Enhancing the permeability and abrasion resistance of concrete using colloidal nano-SiO2 oxide and spraying nanosilicon practices Construction and Building Materials
Vol. 146, pp. 128-135
Bani Ardalan, Reza; Jamshidi, N.; Arabameri, H.; Joshaghani, Alireza; Mehrinejad, M.; Sharafi, Pezhman
Experimental behavior of concrete-filled stainless steel tubular columns under cyclic lateral loading Journal of Structural Engineering
Vol. 143, Issue 4
Liao, Fei-Yu; Han, Lin-Hai; Tao, Zhong; Rasmussen, Kim
Experimental investigation of a base isolation system incorporating MR dampers with the high-order single step control algorithm Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 4, No. 344
Fu, Weiqing; Zhang, Chunwei; Sun, Li; Askari, Mohsen; Samali, Bijan; Chung, Kwok L.; Sharafi, Pezhman
Experimental study on blind bolted connections to concrete-filled stainless steel columns Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Vol. 128, pp. 825-838
Tao, Zhong; Hassan, Md. Kamrul; Song, Tian-Yi; Han, Lin-Hai
Experimental study on seismic performance of new RCS connection Structures
Vol. 9, pp. 53-62
Nguyen, Xuan Huy; Nguyen, Quang-Huy; Le, Dang Dung; Mirza, Olivia
Fire performance of blind bolted composite beam to column joints Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Vol. 132, pp. 29-42
Song, Tian-Yi; Tao, Zhong; Razzazzadeh, Ali; Han, Lin-Hai; Zhou, Kan
Functionalized graphene oxide with chitosan for protein nanocarriers to protect against enzymatic cleavage and retain collagenase activity Scientific Reports
Vol. 7, No. 42258
Emadi, Fatemeh; Amini, Abbas; Gholami, Ahmad; Ghasemi, Younes
High temperature performance of mortars containing fine glass powders Journal of Cleaner Production
Vol. 162, pp. 16-26
Pan, Zhu; Tao, Zhong; Murphy, Timothy D.; Wuhrer, Richard
HLRF-BFGS-based algorithm for inverse reliability analysis Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Vol. 2017, No. 4317670
Ramesh, Rakul; Mirza, Olivia; Kang, Won-Hee
In vitro and in vivo antifungal properties of silver nanoparticles against Rhizoctonia solani, a common agent of rice sheath blight disease IET Nanobiotechnology
Vol. 11, Issue 3
Nejad, Meysam S.; Shahidi Bonjar, Gholam H.; Khatami, Mehrdad; Amini, Abbas; Aghighi, Sonia
Inspection of metal and concrete specimens using imaging system with laser displacement sensor Electronics
Vol. 6, Issue 2, No. 36
Giri, Paritosh; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Samali, Bijan
Local rotational symmetry in the packing of uniform spheres Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Vol. 19, Issue 22, pp. 14588-14595
Tian, Zean; Dong, Kejun; Yu, Aibing
Mechanical behavior of recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tube stub columns after exposure to elevated temperatures Construction and Building Materials
Vol. 146, pp. 571-581
Li, Wengui; Luo, Zhiyu; Tao, Zhong; Duan, Wenhui; Shah, Surendra P.
Miniaturized UWB antipodal Vivaldi antenna and its application for detection of void inside concrete specimens IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
Vol. 16, No. 7762744, pp. 1317-1320
Moosa Zadeh, Mahdi; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Case, Joseph T.; Samali, Bijan
Modifying effects of carboxyl group on the interaction of recombinant S100A8/A9 complex with tyrosinase Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Proteins and Proteomics
Vol. 1865, Issue 3, pp. 370-379
NematiNiko, Fatemeh; Goodarzvand Chegini, Koorosh; Asghari, Hamideh; Amini, Abbas; Gheibi, Nematollah
New criteria for assessing low wind environment at pedestrian level in Hong Kong Building and Environment
Vol. 123, pp. 23-36
Du, Yaxing; Mak, Cheuk M.; Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Tse, Kam-Tim; Lee, Tszcheung; Ai, Zhengtao; Liu, Jianlin; Niu, Jianlei
Non-intrusive schemes for speed and axle identification in bridge-weigh-in-motion systems Measurement Science and Technology
Vol. 28, Issue 2, No. 025102
Kalhori, Hamed; Alamdari, Mehrisadat M.; Zhu, Xinqun; Samali, Bijan; Mustapha, Samir
Non-linear flexoelectricity in energy harvesting International Journal of Engineering Science
Vol. 116, pp. 88-103
Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin
Particle Image Velocimetry measurement of flow around an inclined square cylinder Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 168, pp. 134-140
Hu, Gang; Tse, Kam-Tim; Chen, Z. S.; Kwok, Kenny C. S.
Pedestrian-level wind environment around isolated buildings under the influence of twisted wind flows Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 162, pp. 12-23
Tse, Kam-Tim; Weerasuriya, Asiri U.; Zhang, Xuejian; Li, Shaolin; Kwok, Kenny C. S.
Pull-out strengths of GFRP-concrete bond exposed to applied environmental conditions International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
Vol. 11, Issue 1, pp. 69-84
Kabir, Muhammad I.; Samali, Bijan; Shrestha, Rijun
Remedial modelling of steel bridges through application of analytical hierarchy process (AHP) Applied Sciences
Vol. 7, Issue 2, No. 168
Rashidi, Maria; Ghodrat, Maryam; Samali, Bijan; Kendall, Brett; Zhang, Chunwei
Seismic performance and ice-induced vibration control of offshore platform structures based on the ISO-PFD-SMA brace system Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
Vol. 2017, No. 3596094
Zhang, Jigang; Ma, Zhehao; Liu, Feifei; Zhang, Chunwei; Sharafi, Pezhman; Rashidi, Maria
Sequential solid entrapment and in situ electrolytic alkaline hydrolysis facilitated reagent-free bioelectrochemical treatment of particulate-rich municipal wastewater Water Research
Vol. 117, pp. 18-26
Mohammadi Khalfbadam, Hassan; Ginige, Maneesha P.; Sarukkalige, Ranjan; Kayaalp, Ahmet S.; Cheng, Kayu
Shape-dependent defect structures of monolayer MoS2 crystals grown by chemical vapor deposition ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Vol. 9, Issue 1, pp. 763-770
Zhang, Guozhu; Wang, Jingwei; Wu, Zefei; Shi, Run; Ouyang, Wenkai; Amini, Abbas; Chandrashekar, Bananakere N.; Wang, Ning; Cheng, Chun
Size effects on double cantilever beam fracture mechanics specimen based on strain gradient theory Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Vol. 169, pp. 309-320
Joseph, Richardson P.; Wang, Baolin; Samali, Bijan
Small scale effect on the pull-in instability and vibration of graphene sheets Microsystem Technologies
Vol. 23, Issue 6, pp. 2033-2041
Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Zeng, S.
Strength, stiffness and ductility of concrete-filled steel columns under axial compression Engineering Studies
Vol. 135, pp. 209-221
Wang, Zhi-Bin; Tao, Zhong; Han, Lin-Hai; Uy, Brian; Lam, Dennis; Kang, Won-Hee
Structural characterization of recombinant human fibroblast growth factor receptor 2b kinase domain upon interaction with omega fatty acids Chemistry and Physics of Lipids
Vol. 202, pp. 21-27
Moghadasi, Masoumeh; Ilghari, Dariush; Sirati-Sabet, Majid; Amini, Abbas; Asghari, Hamideh; Gheibi, Nematollah
Structural condition assessment using entropy-based time series analysis Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures
Vol. 28, Issue 14, pp. 1941-1956
Alamdari, Mehrisadat M.; Samali, Bijan; Li, Jianchun; Lu, Ye; Mustapha, Samir
The effect of cross-shaped vortex finder on the performance of cyclone separator Powder Technology
Vol. 313, pp. 135-144
Pei, Binbin; Yang, Liu; Dong, Kejun; Jiang, Yunchao; Du, Xusheng; Wang, Bo
The fundamental human response to wind-induced building motion Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 165, pp. 79-85
Lamb, Steven; Kwok, Kenny C. S.
Theoretical analysis of thermal shock resistance of ceramic foam coatings Mechanics of Composite Materials
Vol. 52, Issue 6, pp. 773-780
Zhang, Yang X.; Wang, Baolin
Thermoelectric fields and associated thermal stresses for an inclined elliptic hole in thermoelectric materials International Journal of Engineering Science
Vol. 119, pp. 93-108
Wang, P.; Wang, Baolin
Two-dimensional problem of thermoelectric materials with an elliptic hole or a rigid inclusion International Journal of Thermal Sciences
Vol. 117, pp. 184-195
Zhang, Aibing; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Ji; Du, Jianke
Utilizing cavity flow within double skin facade for wind energy harvesting in buildings Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 167, pp. 114-127
Hassanli, Sina; Hu, Gang; Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Fletcher, David F.
UWB antipodal Vivaldi antenna for microwave imaging of construction materials and structures Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
Vol. 59, Issue 6, pp. 1259-1264
Moosa Zadeh, Mahdi; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Case, Joseph T.; Samali, Bijan
Water demand modelling using independent component regression technique Water Resources Management
Vol. 31, Issue 1, pp. 299-312
Haque, Md. Mahmudul; Souza, Amaury de; Rahman, Ataur
Wind-induced responses of a tall building with a double-skin facade system Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Vol. 168, pp. 91-100
Hu, Gang; Hassanli, Sina; Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Tse, Kam-Tim
Workability retention and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete incorporating pumice powder and silica fume Construction and Building Materials
Vol. 134, pp. 116-122
Bani Ardalan, Reza; Joshaghani, Alireza; Hooton, R. Douglas
Automated spatial design of multi-story modular buildings using a unified matrix method Automation in Construction
Vol. 82, pp. 31-42
Sharafi, Pezhman; Samali, Bijan; Ronagh, Hamid R.; Ghodrat, Maryam
Thermal effect on the dynamic error of a high-precision worktable Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Vol. 17, Issue 2, pp. 336-343
Zou, Haitian; Wang, Baolin
Thermodynamics analysis of thermoelectric materials : influence of cracking on efficiency of thermoelectric conversion Applied Thermal Engineering
Vol. 127, pp. 1442-1450
Zhang, Aibing; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Ji; Du, Jianke; Xie, Chao; Jin, Y. A.
Condition assessment of heritage timber buildings in operational environments Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring
Vol. 7, Issue 4, pp. 505-516
Lyu, Mengning; Zhu, Xinqun; Yang, Qingshan
[In Press] Analytical investigation of reinforced concrete frames under middle column removal scenario Advances in Structural Engineering Nav, Foad Mohajeri; Usefi, Nima; Abbasnia, Reza
Bond behavior of concrete-filled steel tubes at elevated temperatures Journal of Structural Engineering
Vol. 143, Issue 11, No. 04017147
Song, Tian-Yi; Tao, Zhong; Han, Lin-Hai; Uy, Brian
Mechanical model for a thermoelectric thin film bonded to an elastic infinite substrate Mechanics of Materials
Vol. 114, pp. 88-96
Liu, Yanwen; Wang, Baolin; Zhang, Chunwei
Axial compressive behaviour of concrete-filled double-tube stub columns with stiffeners Thin-Walled Structures
Vol. 120, Issue 11, pp. 91-104
Wang, Zhibin; Tao, Zhong; Yu, Qing
Span length effect on alternate load path capacity of welded unreinforced flange-bolted web connections Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Vol. 138, pp. 714-728
Rezvani, Farshad H.; Ronagh, Hamid R.
Concrete-encased CFST columns under combined compression and torsion : experimental investigation Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Vol. 138, pp. 729-741
Ren, Qing-Xin; Han, Lin-Hai; Hou, Chao; Tao, Zhong; Li, Shuai
A simplified method to determine shear stiffness of thin walled cold formed steel storage rack frames Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Vol. 138, pp. 799-805
Far, Harry; Saleh, Ali; Firouzianhaji, Ahmad
Two membrane-anchored aspartic proteases contribute to pollen and ovule development Plant Physiology
Vol. 173, Issue 1, pp. 219-239
Gao, Hui; Zhang, Yinghui; Wang, Wanlei; Zhao, Keke; Liu, Chunmei; Bai, Lin; Li, Rui; Guo, Yi
Effect of column loss location on structural response of a generic steel moment resisting frame Steel Composite Structures
Vol. 25, Issue 2, pp. 217-229
Rezvani, Farshad H.; Jeffers, Ann E.; Asgarian, Behrouz; Ronagh, Hamid R.
[In Press] Analysis of thermally induced delamination and buckling of thin-film thermoelectric generators made up of pn-junctions International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Cui, Y. J.; Wang, Baolin; Wang, P.
Reliability based design of RC beams with recycled aggregate and steel fibres Structures
Vol. 11, pp. 135-145
Kang, Won-Hee; Ramesh, Rakul; Mirza, Olivia; Senaratne, Sepani; Tam, Vivian W. Y.; Wigg, Dane
Fcγ1 fragment of IgG1 as a powerful affinity tag in recombinant Fc-fusion proteins : immunological, biochemical and therapeutic properties Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
Vol. 37, Issue 3, pp. 371-392
Soleimanpour, Saman; Hassannia, Tahereh; Motiee, Mahdieh; Amini, Abbas; Rezaee, Abdolrahim
Simplified numerical modeling of axially loaded circular concrete-filled steel stub columns Journal of Structural Engineering
Vol. 143, Issue 12, No. 04017169, pp. 1-12
Katwal, Utsab; Tao, Zhong; Hassan, Md. Kamrul; Wang, Wen-Da
Experimental and correlational study on the utilisation of RCA as an alternative coarse aggregate in asphalt mixtures Australian Journal of Civil Engineering
Vol. 15, Issue 2, pp. 80-92
Tahmoorian, Farzaneh; Samali, Bijan
A comparative life cycle assessment of recycling the platinum group metals from automobile catalytic converter : an Australian perspective Metallurgical and Materials Transactions E: Materials for Energy Systems
Vol. 4, Issue 2-4, pp. 77-88
Ghodrat, Maryam; Rhamdhani, Muhammad A.; Sharafi, Pezhman; Samali, Bijan
Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using pine pollen and evaluation of the antifungal efficiency Iranian Journal of Biotechnology
Vol. 15, Issue 2, No. e1436, pp. 95-101
Khatami, Mehrdad; Mortazavi, Seyed M.; Kishani-Farahani, Zeinab; Amini, Abbas; Amini, Elham; Heli, Hossein