Information for Educational Institutions

Some people choose to disclose their disability knowing that they may need education related adjustments to enable them to undertake the tasks associated with study. Others may choose to disclose in order to avoid misunderstanding or labelling by others, while some people may use disclosure to create an opportunity for educating others about disability and its impact. Disclosure can also provide an opportunity to find out about disability related services, support and other information.

Responding to disclosure

There is no legal obligation for a student to disclose their disability to you unless it is likely to affect their performance to meet the requirements of the course. Once a disclosure has been made, however, you need to consider appropriate responses including education related adjustments to support the person with a disability. It is important to remember that a student can successfully meet the essential selection criteria for the core course requirements with appropriate education related adjustments.

Sometimes, students disclose their disability even though they don't require any specific adjustments at this time. This may be done to alert you to the possibility of future requirements, or to illustrate their resourcefulness or adaptability. It's important to assess what is the purpose of the disclosure and what is being requested of you.