Why Employees Choose to Disclose

People with a disability may choose to disclose their disability when seeking employment to:

  • identify disability specific employment services and support networks
  • discuss employment requirements with recruitment agencies, employment organisations and/or professional registration boards
  • identify and access disability specific employment and recruitment schemes, for example PACE Mentoring Program (opens in a new window) and Stepping Into Internships (opens in a new window)
  • assist in identifying disability specific positions of employment
  • discuss disability issues with prospective employers to determine whether the inherent requirements of the position could be met, with or without work related adjustments, and what support services and supports are available in the organisation
  • obtain information about an organisation's employment equity strategies
  • obtain information about career options and plans, skill requirements and career registration requirements to determine whether the job-seeker can meet the job specifications of prospective positions of employment
  • assist in identifying possible work related adjustments that may be required in positions of employment
  • establish external support structures to be put in place when a position of employment is made available
  • develop mentoring and peer support structures with employees and employers with disabilities
  • access disability specific recruitment and employment schemes
  • discuss a particular position of employment with a prospective employer to obtain information about the requirements, organisational structure, and/or support services

Disclosure may not be required:

  • for employees to access some of the information and resources as listed above
  • if the employee’s disability is not relevant in meeting the job application criteria
  • if the employee’s disability has no effect or impact on the applicants ability to do the job

It is not essential to disclose specific medical or personal information about a disability. A person’s disability information is only important if it has an impact on some aspects of the inherent requirements of the chosen career and to help identify any work related adjustments which may be required.