What Information to Disclose, When to Disclose and Who to Disclose to

When, how and if disclosure is to occur is often affected by such factors as:

  • the type of disability
  • the type of employment opportunity
  • the need for adjustments to be implemented for the job interview
  • whether the disability is apparent or not and how this might affect the prospective employer's judgement of the person's ability to perform particular duties
  • the need for work place adjustments or supports;
  • the attitudes of the interviewer(s), co-workers or managers

Disclosure of disability may be made to the following people:

  • careers advisors; to assist in the development of an effective career plan and job opportunities
  • disability specific employment services and support networks; to assist in job-seeking activities and opportunities and/or develop external support networks
  • professional registration boards; to identify professional registration requirements
  • employees and employers with disabilities; obtain specific disability and employment information, develop mentoring networks and other support structures
  • disability specific employment and recruitment schemes; to take advantage of equal employment opportunities and schemes
  • prospective employers; to assist in obtaining information about the organisation, the prospective position, equity programs, support structures, workplace adjustment schemes

When to disclose