About NDCO

The meaning of 'disclosure' is to open up, to reveal or to tell. Disclosing your disability is a very personal choice. For people with a physical disability, disclosure at any time is inevitable. The issue is therefore not 'should disclosure occur' but how disclosure is addressed and managed to ensure an effective outcome.

Some people choose to disclose their disability knowing that they may need education or work related adjustments to enable them to undertake the tasks associated with study or work. Others may choose to disclose in order to avoid misunderstanding or labelling by others. Some people may use disclosure to create an opportunity for educating others about disability and its impact. Disclosure can also provide an opportunity to find out about disability related services, support and other information.

However, some people are fearful of disclosing their disability, believing they may be discriminated against, or denied opportunities. This website provides substantial information about making informed choices and can be used when sharing and monitoring information about their disability in post secondary education and employment environments. An informed choice means finding out everything you can about disclosure and whether it is necessary in your particular circumstance.

This website was developed by The National Disability Coordination Officer Program (NDCO). The NDCO program consists of thirty-one regions across Australia - for more details about the program consult the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (opens in a new window) website.