Planetary Wellbeing and Human Learning

Academic Members and Supervisors:

Co-leaders: A/Prof David Cole and Prof Margaret Somerville
A/Prof Jacqueline D’Warte
Prof Susanne Gannon
Prof Tonia Gray
Prof Gay Hawkins
Dr Mohamed Moustakim
Prof Kerry Robinson
Dr Prathyusha Sanagavarapu
Dr Annette Sartor
Dr Maree Skillen
A/Prof Chris Woodrow
Emeritus Prof Wayne Sawyer
Dr David Wright
Mr Terrence Wright

Research Focus:

The focus of the Planetary Wellbeing HDR cohort is to ask how to embrace diversity in all its forms, in supporting learning towards wellbeing for people and planet. Therefore our methodologies and area of interest are diverse; and with local, national and local students. Research topics include: a multispecies ethnography of eel worlds of the Hawkesbury Nepean River; becoming death while vitally alive in a posthuman, im/material everyday;

intercultural and socioecological learning at a girls school in India; ESL and English in different contexts and assessment practices; diffractive encounters with film-making in school-based gender research; early childhood literacies in a posthuman world; teaching across languages in Vietnamese and Indonesian education; social-cultural values in formative assessment in Vietnamese higher education; creative writing in place, in non-dominant high schools; inquiry-based digital story telling as self-directed learning in higher education ESL; and learning to think metacognitively in northwest Tasmanian high schools; indigenous -settler relations; and learning Arabic in Western Sydney schools. Methodologies range from post human and new material practices, to ethnographies, phenomenology, critical theory, arts-based practices and poetic inquiry. We bring all these differences into conversation and find commonalities in developing literacies that are supportive of planetary and human wellbeing.

HDR Cohort members and thesis topics:

Prue Adams: Affective filmmaking: an emergent making/thinking method for researching gendered experience with young people in secondary school

Abby Buckley: Becoming death while vitally alive in a posthuman, im/material everyday.

Phillippa Cordwell: The Spirit in the Land: an exploration of Indigenous and settler Australian relations through autoethnography.

Jen Dollin: Eel worlds of the Hawkesbury Nepean River: a multispecies ethnography

Jennifer Dove: Creative writing in context: Exploring place, high school English and writerly identities in non-dominant communities

Susan Germein: Material, affective, performative: unravelling ethnography with/in Lakshmi Ashram

Suellen Kackley: Learning Literacy, Thinking Literacy: Investigating Metacognition in North West Tasmanian Senior Secondary Schools.

Sowsan Khodr: The challenges and opportunities of teaching and learning Arabic in Western Sydney schools, Australia

Sovannarith Lim: Early childhood literacies in a posthuman world: an investigation of young children’s play and educators’ pedagogical documentation

Bui Yen Ngoc: An investigation into the social-cultural values involved with introducing a formative assessment intervention at a private university, Vietnam

Nha Nguyen: L1 Adoption In An English Medium Instruction Program In Vietnamese Higher Education

Gamze Ali Riza Sayyam: How does inquiry-based, collaborative digital storytelling promote

ESL students’ self-directed learning in higher education?

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