Your personal safety and security

Feeling safe and secure both on and off campus contributes to a positive study or work experience. Our University campuses are among the safest in Australia, however, being vigilant with our personal safety assists in maintaining a safe and secure experience for all of us.

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure Western Sydney University is a safe environment. If someone or something draws your attention and concern on campus, be sure to report it to Campus Safety and Security, using WesternNOW.

If you are on campus and have immediate concerns for your personal safety, call Campus Safety and Security on 1300 737 003 or from any fixed internal phone on Campus dialling 2300 for assistance.

Being safe on campus

  • Emergency Response Guidelines [PDF, 785.4 KB] (opens in a new window) are available for all students, staff and visitors. The guidelines contain brief information about what to do in various emergency situations. Please call 000 in life threatening situations and then your local Campus Safety and Security office if time permits.
  • An Emergency Response flip chart [PDF, 435.79 KB] (opens in a new window) is available for business units and school to print and display in desired areas of work and study.
  • Get to know your campus during your first few weeks
  • The Western Sydney University Mobile App has campus maps – download it and have it on hand for when you're not sure
  • Know where to find Emergency Contact Points
  • Ask a Security Officer to escort you to your car if it's late at night or if you have concerns
  • If it's dark, stay safe by catching a shuttle bus where available. They will always show the Western Sydney University branding on the actual bus or on a sign inside the bus
  • It is a good idea to set up a small buddy group with others in your class. Agree to park in the same regular location if possible, so you can walk together to the car park areas particularly late at night.
  • Campus Safety & Security can advise on personal safety matters even if not on our campuses. Find out more and stay safe on your way to Uni at our Transport page.

Safety in licensed premises

Alcohol can change how a person thinks, how they make decisions and how they behave. Our personal safety can be compromised when we drink alcohol as our awareness of concerning situations may be reduced. It is important that you consider your personal safety, both within pubs and clubs, as well as when you are on your way home.

  • Don't drink excessive alcohol and drive. To find out more about what is considered safe visit the Drink Wise (opens in a new window) website.
  • Nominate a driver for the night that will remain alcohol free and will make sure everyone gets home safely.
  • Don't leave friends at pubs or clubs alone – if you go out together, stay together and make sure everyone gets home safely.
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water and use mixers if drinking spirits.
  • Keep your drink with you and in sight at all times.
  • It's okay to say 'No' to someone if you are feeling pressured by them for any reason.
  • If you feel uncomfortable because of another person be sure to inform someone else who you are out with and report it to venue staff and security.