Mission, Goals and Strategic Plan

Securing Success presents the strategic goals and objectives of Western Sydney University (Western) as we build on our significant achievements and position ourselves for rapid growth in our region together with the next wave of sector-wide change in higher education.

Our Mission

To be a university of international standing and outlook, achieving excellence through scholarship, teaching, learning, research and service to local and international communities, beginning with the people of Greater Western Sydney.

Our Vision

To secure success for our students and the Greater Western Sydney region through innovation and discovery in a dynamic and technology-enabled world.

Our Values

  • Commitment to our region and communities
  • Excellence and quality
  • Scholarly rigour and integrity
  • Equity and inclusiveness
  • Recognition and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their diverse knowledge systems
  • Collegiality and participation
  • Academic freedom
  • Relevance and responsibility
  • Ethics and accountability

Our Beliefs

  • The primacy of the student experience
  • Environmental and social responsibility
  • Accountability to the traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait custodians and owners of the lands we occupy
  • A vibrant and inclusive intellectual community
  • Opportunity for excellence
  • Being connected locally and internationally
  • Valuing, developing and rewarding our staff

Securing Success 2018 - 2020 Strategic Plan

The Securing Success 2018 - 2020 Strategic Plan (opens in a new window) (PDF, 3859.29 KB) includes amendments generated by a mid-term review of the University’s strategy and the rapidly changing context in which the University operates. Approved by the Board of Trustees in April 2018, Securing Success 2018 - 2020 presents the strategic goals and objectives of the University as it positions itself for the next wave of sector-wide change.

Key Focus Areas

  • A distinctively Student-Centred University
  • A Research-Led University with Regional, National and Global Impact
  • A Research-Informed Learning Experience
  • An Expanding International Reach and Reputation
  • An Anchor Institution and Leading Advocate and Champion for Greater Western Sydney and its People
  • A Dynamic and Innovative Culture that Secures Success

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Six strategic objectives are identified to secure the University's success:

  1. Student-centredness that integrates academic and professional opportunity with personal support
  2. Ambition as a vibrant research-led university with regional, national and global impact
  3. Aspiration to provide a research informed learning experience that is innovative, flexible and responsive
  4. Strategic intent to expand international reach and reputation
  5. Commitment as an anchor institution and champion for Greater Western Sydney
  6. Commitment to a dynamic and innovative culture that secures success

Latest Vice-Chancellor's End of Year Report to the Board of Trustees

At the 5 December 2018 Board of Trustees meeting, the Vice-Chancellor presented the End of Year Report. The report is available below:

Previous end of year reports