Privacy Workshops 2019

The University's Privacy Policy and Privacy Management Plan make clear that supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that their staff are aware of their privacy obligations. To supplement the mandatory online Privacy training module (available via MyCareer Online), targeted face-to-face workshops for nominated staff with management and system responsibilities is timely. Participants will be at the Deputy Dean/Director/Associate Director/Manager level. The workshops will be tailored to the higher education context and the core work of each Division.

Privacy Knowledge
Prior to attending the workshop, please ensure that you have:

  1. Read the University's Privacy Policy
  2. Read the University's Privacy Management Plan
  3. Completed the online Privacy Training module, which is mandatory for staff, researchers, contractors and staff of the Universities controlled entities. It is available via MyCareer Online for staff, or vUWS for others.

If, after reading the Privacy Policy, Privacy Management Plan and completing the online Privacy Training module there are scenarios you would like the workshop to cover, please complete the following survey.

Please use Western email address

Jo Maguire
Manager, Policy & Governance and Privacy Officer