9 June 2021

The Board of Trustees met on 9 June 2021 in Room 15, Building J, Marcus Blackmore Building, 158 Hawkesbury Road, Westmead campus.  A summary of matters discussed in the open session is provided below.

The minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 14 April 2021 were confirmed.

Main items considered by the Board:

Chancellor’s Report

The Chancellor briefed the Board on a number of matters, including a meeting with the Minister for Education and Youth, Universities Australia Review, Workshop on Effective Chairing in Governance, new chancellor appointments at other universities, and the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor Advisory Council.

Vice-Chancellor’s Report

The Vice-Chancellor provided a report or update to Board members on a number of matters, including Ministerial meetings, Cyber Security, International Outreach, changes to the Fair Work Act, Sustaining Success 2021-2026 Mid-Year Report, Academic Rankings of World Universities Subject Rankings 2021, Foreign Arrangements update, TEQSA report on contract cheating, the Badanami Centre for Indigenous Education and 21C Project.

Chair of Academic Senate Report

The Chair of Academic Senate briefed the Board on a number of matters, including an update from the Academic Senate Executive Committee, and the Third Party Provider Committee.

Modern Slavery Statement

The Board approved the University first Statement on Modern Slavery, which focussed on the University’s procurement activities.

Institute for Culture and Society Presentation

The Institute for Culture and Society Director, Professor Heather Horst, gave a presentation about the activities of the Institute for Culture and Society, highlighting new research programs 2021-2026, new areas of research, new engagement platforms and the Young & Resilient Research Centre.

Biodiversity Stewardship Site, Hawkesbury

The Board approved the Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust relating to a site at the University’s Hawkesbury campus.

Fraud and Corruption Risk Framework

The Board of Trustees approved the revised Fraud and Corruption Risk Framework, which outlines the University’s approach to prevention, identification and reporting of potential and actual instances of fraud and corruption.

Honorary Titles and Award Policy

The Board approved the revised Honorary Titles and Awards Policy and Procedures, which now includes a number of new awards, such as an Honorary Doctor of Laws, and the Vice-Chancellor’s Professional Fellow.

Helen Fleming
University Secretary and General Counsel