10 September 2014

The Board of Trustees met on 10 September 2014 in the Board of Trustees Room, EZ Parramatta campus. A summary of matters discussed in the open session of the Board meeting is provided below.

Confirmation of Minutes

The minutes of the 3 June 2014 (PDF, 57.51 KB) (opens in a new window) of the Board of Trustees were confirmed and can be downloaded from this page.

Main items considered by the Board

Chancellor's Report

Professor Shergold reported on his activities undertaken as Chancellor since the last meeting of the Board in June. UWS is becoming a recognised voice in the process of change in Greater Western Sydney (GWS), with the development of the Parramatta City Campus an important educational, economic and engagement initiative. Governance is becoming increasingly important, including in the private sector with a focus on integrity, social and environmental issues. The strength of the Board of UWS will play a key role in stewardship of the University's performance in support of the Vice-Chancellor.

Vice-Chancellor's Report

The Vice-Chancellor reported on the Higher Education Reform Bill. Universities Australia is seeking modifications to the proposed model and ameliorate the impact and timing of the 20% cut to funding. In the event that the reform package does not pass through the Parliament, it is possible that there will be a cut in block research grants in order to extract some of the unrealised savings. This will dramatically impact research and in turn affect the international student market. The Board was also provided with an update on the Callista ownership negotiations, with the new arrangements expected to be in place from 1 Jan 2015.

Securing Success

The Board was presented with the draft discussion paper on the approach and focus to develop a revised strategic plan. A key change in the strategy is the strengthened advocacy role that UWS will play as the GWS region develops. The discussion paper will be released to the UWS community for consultation prior to the strategy being finalised for 2015.

Parramatta CBD

The Board noted the updated business case for the Parramatta CBD development following finalisation of the lease terms, reflecting an expected improvement in returns on the development.

UWS Graduate School

The Board agreed to the establishment of the UWS Graduate Research School. This will increase the quality and consistency of support for research students across UWS and will be important in the University's support for its growing international research student cohort.

UWS Online

The Board passed a resolution to expand the objects of the UWSCollege to include a business unit to support the delivery of the UWS online units. The e-tutors will be primarily recruited locally and may include talented and suitably qualified HDR students where possible.


  • Our Future Action Program
  • Agriculture at UWS
  • Staffing Matters
  • The Academy
  • Draft Research Plan

The Board's next meeting will be held on Wednesday 3 December 2014.