8 October 2008

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday 8 October 2008, in the Boardroom, Building AD, Werrington North. A summary of matters discussed is provided below.

Confirmation of Minutes

The minutes of the July 2008 meeting of the Board of Trustees were confirmed and can be downloaded from this page.

Main Items Considered by the Board

Vice-Chancellor’s Report
College of Arts
Innovation and Consulting
UWS Bookshop Services
Student Representation Review
Proposed Changes to Academic Governance Arrangements – Academic Senate and the Senate’s Committees
Other Reports and Items Considered by the Board
Date of Next Meeting

Vice-Chancellor’s Report

The Vice-Chancellor's report included the following advice to the Board:

  • UWS Professor accepted as Foreign Associate
  • UWS authors Short Listed for 35th Age Book of the Year awards
  • Vincent Fairfax Chair in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
  • UWS team wins 3rd at 2008 TAC Market Design Game
  • Ningbo Project
  • Law graduate success
  • UWS Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
  • Indigenous Employment and Engagement Program
  • Scholarships VIP Room on Open Day
  • Library News and Developments
  • Diversity and Structural Adjustment Fund
  • UWS Celebrates Hawkesbury Campus Heritage
  • Indications for first preference, school leaver and non-school leaver preferences for 2009

College of Arts

Professor Wayne McKenna, Executive Dean of the College of Arts, provided a presentation on key strategies, significant achievements and key directions of the College.

Innovation and Consulting
Professor John Ingleson provided a presentation on the structure, purpose, business plan and progress of UWS Innovation and Consulting.

UWS Bookshop Services
The Board noted:

  • The University’s decision to engage uwsconnect to deliver bookshop services throughout the University when the current contract with the Co-op Bookshop expires in October 2008 and
  • The communication activity that has taken place regarding the decision and that further information will be communicated to students and staff to assure them that services will not be diminished by these changes.

Student Representation Review
The University has been addressing the Board’s October 2007 request that it receive advice on the most effective way to ensure a viable and vibrant model for student representation and advocacy.

At its July 2008 meeting the Board noted the progress with the Student Representation Review and that further development would take place to present a structure and plan to the October Board meeting. Since that time the consultants, GA Research, have undertaken extensive consultation with various student groups. The structure aims to achieve a coming together of the various student groups and individuals who have an interest and involvement in representation of some kind. The objectives of the new organisation correlate with the Making the Difference strategic agenda to improve the student experience. An independent student organisation with significant and broadly based participation by students will be valuable in achieving this.

The structure is predicated on two broad functional areas – campus and community based activities and academic representation, with a small executive leadership group.

A number of students attended the Board meeting and the concerns expressed by the students’ spokesperson were noted.

The Board approved in principle:

1. the establishment of a single New Student Organisation as proposed in the report;
2. the proposed time line for implementation;
3. the establishment of the Student Leadership Group to work with the University to bring the new organisation into being in early 2009;
4. the Vice-Chancellor being authorised to bring these changes into effect.

This in principle approval is subject to review, contingent on any consequences flowing from the anticipated announcement by the Commonwealth Government relating to student services and organisations.

Proposed Changes to Academic Governance Arrangements – Academic Senate and the Senate’s Committees
The Board:

(i) approved, as recommended by Academic Senate and with effect from 20 March 2009 revised academic governance arrangements, including a reconstituted Academic Senate and college and school academic committees, as outlined in this report and as provided in the following documents:

a. Academic Governance Policy (revised)
b. Standing Committees of Academic Senate Policy (a revision of the former Standing Committees of Academic Senate and College and School Academic Committees Policy);

(ii) endorsed Academic Senate's decisions, in accordance with its delegation, to abolish existing College Boards of Studies and School Boards of Studies with immediate effect; and

(iii)  approved the following transitional arrangements to ensure the continuity of essential academic business, pending the first meeting of  the new Academic Senate scheduled for Autumn session 2009:
a. continuation of the authority of the existing Academic Senate's Executive Committee and of Senate's specialist and college committees until the end of March 2009; and
b. extension of the terms of office of the current Chair and Deputy Chair of Senate until the declaration of the polls for the Chair and Deputy Chair positions by the end of March 2009.

Note: In its consideration of the Consultant’s report on student representation in the University, the Board will consider, at its December meeting, the appointment of student observers to Academic Senate for the first meeting of the new Senate, scheduled for 20 March 2009.

Other Reports and Items Considered by the Board

  • Strategy and Resources Committee
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Report from the Chair of Academic Senate
  • Board Standing Committee and Remuneration & Nominations Committee
  • Campus Development Committee
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Staffing Matters and Staffing Statistics
  • UWS Bookshop Services
  • Australian Review of Higher Education
  • Greening UWS – Environmental and Sustainability Strategies on a Multi-Campus University

Date of Next Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday 3 December 2008.

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